Ph.D. Candidate, UNM CS
Email (Work):  abhiag <aT> unm <Dot> edu

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico (UNM). Currently, I am at Visa Research Labs as a summer intern. I work with Prof. Jared Saia on scalable and secure distributed protocols. I like working on interesting mathematically challenging (the theorist in me!) problems, mainly in the area of security in distributed systems.

My research topics of interest are mainly in the area of Distributed Computing, with a special focus on BAR fault tolerance, scalability, and resource-competitiveness. Occasionally (and depending on my workload), I like to explore domains outside my main research focus, including but not limited to Randomized Algorithms (MCMC in particular) and Machine Learning. Additionally, I like to go for research talksand internships (see list below), where during the latter, I enjoy exploring different aspects of secure distributed computing like Data-oblivious computation, Network Security, and Blockchains.  See my projects in progress and publications below for an overview, and contact me if you wish to work on some interesting problem together.

I enjoy writing blog posts on some interesting puzzles that I come across. Please navigate this website to read them. One of my personal favorites is this post where a puzzle relating to linear algebra and Fischer’s inequality is discussed. When I am not busy with my research, I like to spend my time by solving math puzzles, cooking, and traveling. I am also very fond of singing and creative arts. I often get myself involved in leadership and community service roles as a result of which I served on the boards of UNM GPSA and UNM CSGSA along with providing voluntary service to UNM GEO. I am also a member (by invitation) of the UNM Honor Society (Phi-Kappa-Phi).

Starting end of Fall 2017, I started organizing the UNM Computer Science Theory/Security Seminar (CSSEC-RG), which meets twice every week to help students and faculty members discuss the latest research in these areas. The schedule for Spring 2018 can be found here. Please let me know via email if you are interested in mediating the discussion for an available session.

You can access my LinkedIn here.