Ph.D. Candidate, UNM Computer Science
Email (Work):  abhiag <aT> unm <Dot> edu

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico (UNM). I work with Prof. Jared Saia on scalable and secure distributed computing protocols. As of August 2019, I will be working with the Amazon Alexa AI (Machine Learning Platform) team in Seattle.  Super excited! 

I like working on interesting mathematically challenging (the theorist in me!) problems. Recently, I have started working in the area of biologically inspired computation, mainly from the point of view of analyzing different foraging strategies and trying to come up with efficient search algorithms for finding large clusters in the arena. We have just made a couple of submissions to PODC 2019 (accepted), IROS 2019 (accepted), BDA 2019 (accepted) and DISC 2019 (awaiting). A couple of more under preparation! See this for details.

My other project is to devise an admission control protocol which can handle dynamic joining and leaving of participants and is resistant to Sybil identities and adaptively-adversarial scheduling of these joins and leaves. Along with my coworkers and my advisor, we have just made a submission to DISC 2019 and are in the process of extending our results to a game-theoretic setting. Looking forward to the upcoming submissions!

I also enjoy working in the area of machine-learning interpretability, where along with another colleague (who also happens to be my best friend :)), I have written three patents for Verint Intelligent Self Service and am currently in the process of preparing a manuscript for an upcoming machine learning conference. In this project, we are looking at a method for improving local interpretability of highly non-linear classifier boundaries. 


When I am not busy with my research, I like to spend my time learning ballroom dance. I started learning formal ballroom dance (my favorites being the Rumba, Samba, Viennese Waltz and Country Western Swing) at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Redwood City, CA in June 2018 and I have been hooked to dancing ever since. Currently, I am learning at Enchantment Studios in Albuquerque NM and will (hopefully) continue at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Seattle, starting August 2019. 


Additionally, I enjoy writing blog posts on some interesting puzzles that I come across. Please navigate this website to read them. One of my personal favorites is this post where a puzzle relating to linear algebra and Fischer’s inequality is discussed. I often get myself involved in leadership and community service roles as a result of which I served on the boards of UNM GPSA and UNM CSGSA along with providing voluntary service to UNM GEO. I am also a member (by invitation) of the UNM Honor Society (Phi-Kappa-Phi).

You can access my LinkedIn here.