Mutated Randomness

Hi, all! This post is about an experiment I performed during Fall 2015 semester under the supervision of Prof. Stephanie Forrest as part of her course on complex adaptive systems here at UNM. The aim was to evolve a population of seemingly random binary sequences into sequences that are provably random with respect to a given set of tests of […]

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A *bug* in democracy

Remember those times when the leaders were honest and you could believe in the fact that whatever they propose will be for the good of people in general? Well, some leaders are still like that and for some others, even carbon dating wouldn’t be able to determine the last time this happened. On a more […]

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Count to sample

Hey all! This week’s post is about an interesting relation between counting and sampling, motivated from an enlightening paper [MD02] by Prof. Martin Dyer. More specifically, the paper introduces dynamic programming as a technique to aid in approximate counting and uniform sampling using a dart throwing approach, however, this blog post is only about the example […]

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Oddtown Chronicles

Hola! Today, I will be talking about a classic puzzle that uses linear algebra to attack a combinatorics problem. I first learned of this puzzle during our research group seminar here at UNM, where Jared presented this problem to us as an exercise. Later on, I read through a couple of formalizations for the same, and […]

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Notorious Coins

Have you ever found yourself reading a problem in an exam and never forget it again because it gives you chills as well as makes you want to solve it every time you come across it? Well, the geek in me found one such problem in the final exam I took with my advisor Jared […]

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“Irrational” Coin Flips

Recently I came across this very interesting problem : How can you simulate an unbiased coin flip with a biased coin? What about the other way round?. Although the problem is not new (to me as well), this time I found myself with a good solution for the same, which I though would be nice to […]

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Mid South Theory Day 2016

Hey all! I will be attending the Mid South Theory Day 2016 at the Louisiana State University on 9th December, 2016 to give a talk on our latest result in the field of secure multiparty interactive computation. Stay tuned for an awesome algorithm that compiles a noise free protocol (asynchronous) into a robust protocol that can […]

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The ‘Clever’ Algorithm – HITS

Just last night I finished reading this paper [KLEIN99], that presumably acted as the starting point for the research into the popular Pagerank algorithm used by Google. It presents a clever algorithm for searching queries over the World Wide Web (WWW) by addressing two major problems (scarcity and abundance) faced by the state-of-the-art text-based search engines at the time. […]

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