CS Theory/Security Reading group


The Theory/Security discussion group meets twice weekly to discuss papers related to topics in theory and security. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students, researchers, and faculty with interests in this area. The seminar is open to everyone interested in theory and security.

If you want to sign up to lead a discussion (or for any general queries), please subscribe to our mailing list by sending a message to listserv@list.unm.edu. Leave the Subject field blank. In the body of the message, type (with no other text): 

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UNM CSGSA will be arranging free refreshments for the attendees!



Date Room Topic Mediator
Dec 4 (10AM) B19, Travelstead Proof of Work without all the work, Gupta, D., Saia, J., Young, M. (ICDCN 2018) Diksha Gupta
Jan 22  TBD TBD Varsha Dani
Jan 25  TBD Rethinking Large Scale Consensus, Pass, R., Shi, E. (IEEE CSF 2017) Abhinav Aggarwal 
Jan 29  TBD Public Key Cryptosystems from Lattice Reduction Problems, Goldreich, O., Goldwasser, S., Halevi, S. (CRYPTO 1997) José Abel Castellanos Joo
Feb 1   Scalable Rational Secret Sharing, Dani, V., Mohavedi, M., Rodriguez, Y., Saia, J. (PODC 2011) Abhinav Aggarwal
Feb 5 TBD  TBD  Arpit Garg 
Feb 8 TBD  Cryptocurrencies without Proof-of-Work, Bentov, I., Gabizon, A., Mizrahi, A. (FinancialCrypto 2016) Abhinav Aggarwal
Feb 12  TBD  TBD  Praveen Kumar 
Feb 15       
Feb 19  TBD   TBD Cynthia Freeman 
Feb 22       
Feb 26 
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