Work Experience


  • Oblivious data filtering. Abhinav Aggarwal, Mihai Christodorescu, Rohit Sinha. (VISA Research, Palo Alto, California, USA, Summer 2018)
  • A Folklore reduction from State Machine Replication to Binary Agreement under Partial Synchrony. Abhinav Aggarwal, Elaine Shi. (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, Fall 2017) 
  • Remote attack prevention and PKI establishment. Abhinav Aggarwal, Mihai Christodorescu, Mahdi Zamani. (VISA Research, Palo Alto, California, USA, Summer 2017)
  • Provisioning an Isolation Manager and Studying the Feasibility of Using Linux Control Groups for User-Level Isolation in Search Queries. Abhinav Aggarwal, Rahul Bansal, Chris Bond. (Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA, Summer 2016)
  • Analyzing Test Frameworks and Dependencies for Porting the PDF-API test code. Abhinav Aggarwal, Ravindra Sushma Bhartiya. (Microsoft India Development Centre, Hyderabad, India, Summer 2013)
  • Optimizing VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) Comparison Tool for Dynamic VHDs. Abhinav Aggarwal, Priyank Gaharwar, Vinod Kancharla. (Microsoft India Development Centre, Hyderabad, India, Summer 2012)
  • An Arduino Based Hardware Prototype for Audio Level Indication (Opencast Matterhorn Project). Abhinav Aggarwal, Jim Greer. (ARIES Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, Summer 2011)

Teaching Assistance

  • CS 6432 – Distributed Consensus and Blockchains. (Instructor: Elaine Shi), Cornell University, Fall 2017. [web]
  • EC 501 – Modeling and Simulation. (Instructor: Padam Kumar), Indian Institute of Technology, Spring 2014. [zip]