• Aggarwal, A. Efficient Property Directed Sampling using Balanced Allocations. Under preparation.

Bio-Inspired Computation

  • Aggarwal, A., Saia, J. Robustly Finding a Cluster Using the Golden Ratio. Under preparation.
  • Erickson, J., Aggarwal, A., Fricke, G.M., Moses, M. LOCUS: A Multi-Robot Loss-Tolerant Algorithm for Surveying Volcanic Plumes. [IRC’20] — Accepted at IEEE IRC 2020!
  • Aggarwal, A., Gupta, D., Fricke, G.M., Vining, W., Moses, M. Ignorance is Not Bliss: An Analysis of Central-Place Foraging Algorithms. [IROS’19] [pdf]
  • Erickson, J., Aggarwal, A., Moses, M. On the Minimal Set of Inputs Required for Efficient Neuro-Evolved Foraging. [BDA’19] [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Vining, W., Gupta, D., Saia, J., Moses, M. A Most Irrational Foraging Algorithm. [BDA’19] [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Gupta, D., Fricke, G.M., Moses, M. On Site Fidelity and the Price of Ignorance in Swarm Robotic Central Place Foraging Algorithms. [PODC’19] [pdf]

Distributed Systems

  • Aggarwal, A., Mohavedi, M., Saia, J., Zamani, M. Bootstrapping Blockchains without a Trusted Setup. [PODC’19] [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Dani, V., Hayes, Thomas P., Saia, J. Brief Announcement: Multiparty Interactive Communication with Private Channels. [PODC’19] [pdf
  • Aggarwal, A., Dani, V., Hayes, Thomas P., Saia, J. A Scalable Algorithm for Multiparty Interactive Communication with Private Channels. [ICDCN’20] [pdf] — Nominated for Best Paper Award.
  • Aggarwal, A., Dani, V., Hayes, Thomas P., Saia, J. Sending a Message with Unknown Noise. [ICDCN’18] [pdf] [talk]
  • Aggarwal, A., Guo, Y. A Simple Reduction from State Machine Replication to Binary Agreement in Partially Synchronous or Asynchronous Networks. ( 20180116:131918) (2018). [pdf]

Systems Security

  • Aggarwal, A., Sinha, R., Christodorescu, M. Oblivious Filtering of Data Streams. Under Preparation. (2019) [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Zamani, M., Christodorescu, M. Revisiting Remote-Attack Prevention: Challenges in Achieving Complete Decentralization. (Technical Report) (2018) [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Zamani, M., Christodorescu, M. Incentive-Driven Remote Configuration of Security Gateways. (arXiv: 1709.04569) (2017) [pdf] [talk] [poster]


  • Aggarwal, A., Castellanos Joo, J. A., Gupta, D. Beating the Multiplicative Weights Update Algorithm. (arXiv: 1708.04668) (2017) [pdf
  • Aggarwal, A. On the Equivalence of Probabilistic Automata: A Brief Literature Review. Technical Report. UNM 2015. [pdf] [talk]
  • Aggarwal, A. Evolving Random Sequences using a Genetic Algorithm. Technical Report. UNM 2015. [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A. Probabilistic Programs and their Verification: A Brief Survey. Technical Report. UNM 2014. [pdf]



Machine Learning

  • Freeman, C., Aggarwal, ALocally Faithful Ensembles of Model Agnostic Interpretations. (Submitted) Patent, Verint Intelligent Self-Service (2019).
  • Freeman, C., Aggarwal, A., Merriman, J., Beaver, I. Model-Agnostic Visualizations using Linear Programming Approximation. (Submitted) Patent, Verint Intelligent Self-Service (2018).
  • Freeman, C., Merriman, J., Aggarwal, A., Beaver, I., Mueen, A. Paying Attention to Attention: Highlighting Influential Samples in Sequential Analysis. (Submitted) Patent, Verint Intelligent Self-Service (2018).

System Security

  • Aggarwal, A., Sinha, R., Christodorescu, M. On Oblivious Filtering of Data Streams. (Submitted) Patent, VISA Research (2018).
  • Ren, J., Aggarwal, A., Salajegheh, M. System, Method, and Computer Program Product for Maintaining User Privacy in Advertisement Networks. (Pending) Patent, VISA Research (2018).
  • Aggarwal, A., Zamani. M. Sybil-Resistant Identity Generation. (Submitted) Patent, VISA Research (2018).
  • Aggarwal, A., Zamani. M, Christodorescu, M. Remote Configuration of Security Gateways. (Submitted) Patent, VISA Research (2017).


Projects Completed Prior to my Ph.D.

Some of the projects I completed as part of my Master’s thesis and other coursework at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is listed as follows.

  • Aggarwal, A., A Similarity Criterion for Sequential Programs using Truth-Preserving Partial Functions. (arXiv: 1708.05640) Master’s Thesis (2014). [pdf
  • Aggarwal, A., Kumar, PA Theory of Function-Induced Orders to Study Recursion Termination. Technical Report. IITR 2013. [pdf]
  • Aggarwal, A., Srivastava, R., Malik, S., Meena, K., Poonam. Virtual Differential Storage Based k-Rollback Concurrency Control Algorithm in Distributed Shared Memory Systems. Technical Report. IITR 2012. [pdf]
  • Jaya, Malik, S., Aggarwal, A., Sardana, A. Novel Authentication System using Visual Cryptography. In Information and Communication Technologies (WICT), World Congress (pp. 1181-1186), IEEE (2011). [pdf]

NOTE: In theoretical computer science, it is standard to list author names in alphabetical order. 

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